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Jamal Carpet History

Late Jamal Din Butt

Late Jamal Din Butt

Late Jamal Din Butt was a carpet weaver before the division of Sub Continent. After the division of Sub Continent Late Jamal Din Butt settled in the city of Sialkot which is situated in the North East of Pakistan near the Jammu Kashmir Border. In Sialkot he started weaving carpets again and set up a small factory which became a source of quality carpets.

Later his three sons joined the company & started exporting carpets in 1976. Ever since Jamal Rug Weavers is maintaining the name as the quality producer in Pakistan. Jamal Rug Weavers always adopted the new trends of market to be the leader of quality product in the market. Jamal Rug Weavers has experience of programmed business. Our carpets are known for best craftsmanship.

Our mission is to continue making quality carpets according to the ever changing demands of the world. Jamal Rug Weavers is also fulfilling her social obligations. We contribute in the following social welfare

(i) Care & Fair School
(ii) Shaukat Khanam Cancer Research hospital
(iii) Diabetes research center at service hospital Lahore